MtnTop Alegria

(Universal Gold Card x Tan War Bird)

2011 buckskin filly

Well I waited on pins and needles for this foal to show up and when she finally decided to enter this world I was VERY excited. She is out of one of my best producing mares and by the buckskin stallion, Universal Gold Card, that I purchased last year. This filly, Alegria, whose name means happiness and jubilation in Spanish is exactly how I felt watching her be born. She is the most feminine foal I think I have ever seen. Shoot I hadn't even checked the plumbing and I just knew she was a girl- she was too beautiful not to be.

We are VERY excited to announce that this beautiful young lady will be traveling to her new home the spring of 2012. Alegria is our first overseas sale and will have a wonderful home with Katrin and Michael Trauboth. 

MtnTop Tru Melody

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek X BRMF The Yellow Rose)

2009 smoky black filly (Ee Cr/cr)

This is one incredible filly and one I thought I would never even consider parting with. She has that "IT" factor. Tru is conformationally correct from her beautiful head following a perfect neck that she carries gracefully. To a nice laid back shoulder and perfect back to a wonderful hip. She is all "Morgan" being feminine and graceful to having just that perfect amount of substance to her bone structure. Smart is an understatement with her. She figures things out in a snap and will sweet talk her way to allowing even the gruffest horse to share their food with her. She loves to strut her stuff and flags that tail of hers even just out trotting around. She has that beautiful movement from her sire that he has to date passed down to all his foals. Natural knee action and perfect forward hock movement, she is truly beautiful to watch move and everyone has to stop what they are doing when she does. Tru's lucky new owners are the Overlys of Fairwind Farm in OH. Congratulations! (Updated picture of Tru age 3)

MtnTop Kerria of Gold

(Gone Gold x BRMF The Yellow Rose)

2010 palomino filly

My husband did a great job of finding the perfect name for this beautiful palomino filly. Kerria is a Japanese Yellow Rose so she is certainly named after her dam. We added the Gold because of course she is golden in color but also the name Gold shows up numerous times in both Roadie's and Rose's pedigree.

This sweet girl is very curious and sweet. She is boldly marked with a huge blaze that runs into her nose and a white chin that streaks white up between the jaw. She has a super high white stocking and it looks like a half little pastern sock on the other hind. So she could very well be splash and sabino. It also appears that she has blue in her eyes just under the pupil, another indicator that she could be splash.

Kerria's new owners are the Overlys of Fairwind Farm in OH. Where they also own MtnTop Tru Melody (see above)

MtnTop Black Gold

(Gone Gold X Spring Lake Katefly)

2009 black colt, 100% Foundation breeding

Gracing the world on April 21, 2009 at 5:30 PM is the black colt MtnTop Black Gold, aka Diesel. Named after his sire Gone Gold, Diesel is an incredible mix of old Morgan blood. He is 100% Foundation out of my favorite mare, Spring Lake Katefly who is the dam of one of my stallions. I love everything this mare has put on the ground and Diesel is no exception. Diesel is a perfect mix of Jubilee King and Ashbrook/Lippitt brought in from both the sire and the dam.

Diesel's new owner is Judy Roberts of Ohio. Judy purchased and still owns a wonderful Morgan gelding that she purchased from us several years ago, Dakota Jasper. Our Morgans are like potato chips- you can't just have one!

MtnTop Phoenix Rising

(Mtn Top Whippoorwill Tanek x WAR Le Fire Bird)

2011 black colt, 100% Foundation

I was excited to see this foal born and from day one I have not been disappointed. Right away he was sweet sweet sweet and much to the dismay of his dam he would follow me around. He is a talker and nickers just about every time I talk to him. He has that super cute dishy head and the tiniest ears, long legged with great joint size. He will be big, in the 15.1 hand size. He is a beautiful mover, and lopes around like he was trained for western pleasure already. Cute little collected thing going on. It looks like his movements are effortless!!!

We are very happy to announce that Phoenix has a wonderful new home with Sandra Kosek-Sills of Ohio and her family. Phoenix will be very spoiled as Sandra's young daughter and Phoenix really took to each other when they came to visit. What a joy and fun times ahead for them. Congrats Sandra and thank you.


(Spring Lake Pallidin x BRMF The Yellow Rose)

2011 brown gelding, 100% Foundation

I am super excited to announce that my last baby of the year has found the perfect home. MtnTop Marcus Aurelius will be heading to his new home to live with Lorri Sills. Lorrie came to visit with her sister in law, who owns MtnTop Phoenix Rising, and while she was here she played with Marcus. Well I do think we can all see how well that turned out for all of us, especially for Marcus as I could not be happier with his new forever home.

(Stormwashed x Finally's Just a Dandy)
2001 brown dun mare (EE Aa Dd)

It was very difficult for me to list Lovey For Sale and I am SO overjoyed that my dear friend, Dawn Wagstaff, decided to take her off my hands LOL.  Dawn met Lovey over a year ago and I think she really loved her from the start. Over the year she was able to watch me work with Lovey and even came to a show to "help" me out with her.  I think all the while Lovey was sucking her in with her brains, beauty and over all wonderful personality.  I am even more pleased that Lovey will be staying close by so I can visit her at Celestine Farm.  Lovey will also be a wonderful match up to either of Dawns wonderful stallions in the future.  Thank you Dawn and Bill and Congrats. Lovey is getting a fantastic home.


(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x WAR LE Fire Bird)
2012 black filly, 100% Foundation, EE

We were very anxious to see this foal grace the world.  It will be a full sibling to last years beautiful colt, MtnTop Phoenix Rising, who sold as a weanling. And Bella graced us the morning of April 15, 2012 just after feeding time.  As soon as the bag broke she was all ready talking to us and that has not changed yet.  She is all ready a people person type of horse and follows me everywhere.  When I leave the pasture she talks to me about don’t go LOL.  Bella is owned by Jo Johnson of CA I know she will go far with Jo


(Universal Gold Card x Tan War Bird) EeAACRcr

2012 golden buckskin colt, 99.9% Foundation, pictured at 4 months old, 12.1 1/2 hands

I am very pleased with this cross.  Andy seems to really have the "it" factor.  He will be a nice golden buckskin color and has the nicest attitude all ready.  Smart and fun.  Andy's full sibling was sold to Germany before weaning and Andy is every bit as special as she is.  Andy like all the rest of his siblings and half sibling he should mature to an easy 15 + hands. *** Andy measured 12 hands at 12 weeks old!!

I think Andy is one of the nicest foals I have put on the ground to date.  And a better home for him I don’t think could have been found in Rebecca DeRose of NC.  Andy will join her other Morgans and when he gets old enough he will following in their hoof prints by jumping and/or driving and trail riding.  Thank Rebecca for getting this wonderful boy.

Super excited to announce that Rebecca bought the 2015 black filly MtnTop Absolute Dream and has added her to her herd with Ande.  (See above)

MtnTop Morgans in New Homes

MtnTop Paschal Moon

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x WAR LE Fire Bird)

2013 Homozygous for black colt, 100% Foundation (EE)pictured at 3 weeks old

From the minute this boy hit the ground I knew he was special.  Paschal (who was born on the Paschal full moon before Easter) has that laid back easy going personality.  He is willing to learning and really isn’t bothered by me adding new things in with his training.  He has that old soul in a new young body.  In my opinion this boy has the “it” factor.  Willingness to learn, Fantastic temperament and add that he is SO baroque.  He has that backend to die for that SO many of our Morgans of today are missing.  

SOLD at one month old.   Owned by Bruce Brink of VT


(Baptiste Blue Hawaii x Amberfields Dun Lovin)

2012 smokey grulla filly, 99.5% Foundation, (Ee (aa) Crcr Dd) pictured at one year old 13. 1 ½ hands

SOLD - I am super excited to announce the sale of Truly to Judith Dexter of Mia-Mar Morgans of SK Canada.  Thank you Judith Truly will be a fantastic addition to your herd.

You can view Truly’s complete pedigree here.
It includes pictures of many of her ancestors.

More photos of Truly(click on a thumbnail to enlarge)

MtnTop Macchiato

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x Amberfields Cafe Au Lait)

2013 smoky black colt, 99% Foundation (Ee aa Crcr) pictured at 4 months old

Oh this is the perfect pocket horse.  He LOVES everyone and would rather hang with the people folk than his dam.  

And a mover I mean WOW I knew this cross would produce a beautiful natural mover with the loveliest of natural knee action and movement of his hocks that will take your breathe away.  Mac should mature to 15.1 hands and be round and curvy like his sire and dam.

You will enjoy watching him with our 2 ½ year old granddaughter.

Mac has been SOLD and will soon be heading to his new home in New York!!!

UPDATE: Mac went to a trail trial as a yearling and won 1st place in the in hand division.  

Dakota Jasper

(Dakota Sun Raez x Tan War Bird)

2007 bay colt

Congratulations to Judy Roberts of Ohio, Jasper new owner! Judy is a life-long "Morgan person".Jasper will be her new best friend!

UPDATE:  I feel very blessed that so many of my babies come back to me as adults to start their saddle training.  And Jasper was no different.  

Please click here to see videos of Jasper in training.  And I have inserted one of his pictures as a 4 year old as well.

MtnTop Miss Sun Bird

(Coachman's Cognac X Tan War Bird)

2008 palomino filly

“Missy” is bold and fearless yet super gentle and loves being around people. There's not a mean bone in her body. She nickers and comes running when she sees you.

Congratulations to Missy's new owner, Shelley and Phil of BC

UPDATE: Missy, aka Fanny is another of my foals that came home for saddle training please check out all her videos (4 of them) on my Training page.  And Shelley and Phil actually have another of my horses MtnTop Erin Go Braugh (see above)

New picture of Fanny as a 3 year old

Well I am SUPER excited to announce the sale and new home for a very special girl, MtnTop Erin Go Braugh (MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x Tan War Bird) will be heading to her new home in the spring after staying here with me at MtnTop Morgans for her saddle training.

Erin will join her half sister the very lovely palomino MtnTop Miss Sun Bird, aka Fanny, by the same dam (see Fanny below). Erin's new mommy and daddy are Shelly and Phil of BC. They just love Fanny so much that over this past summer, due to Phil's 20 year of non Morgan, having started to show his age and showing some soundness issue. Well that got them into looking for a good riding horse for them and have Phils horse live out his days as a beautiful pasture ornament.

CONGRATULATIONS to Phil and Shelley and of course to Fanny who will have her half sister to play with and live with as well.

MtnTop Forever Hawk

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x Gar-Don Lady Glimmer)

2007 homozygous for black  colt (EE aa)

This is what it's all about right here in one package. Hawk is a strong combination of the “golden cross” of Jubilee King and Flyhawk/Go Hawk lines, he traces back to Jubilee de Jarnette over 100 times. He is what you would expect of these bloodlines: GREAT temperament, smart, easy going and a fast learner. He is a "people horse" and will leave the herd to be with you. He is very self assured and will do anything asked of him with no complaints. He has the most beautiful legs and the angle of his shoulder is perfect. Tiny dishy head with tippy little ears, large soft eyes. He has wonderful ground manners; walks and trots off your shoulder movement and will dead stop just off your body.

Congratulations and best wishes go to Hawk's new owners, Michael and Carol Yates of Leonard MI.

UPDATE Hawk came back home to MtnTop Morgans for his saddle training in 2011 check out the videos of him on our training page. And an update picture of him as a 3 year old.

MtnTop Xavier

(Coachman's Cognac X Springlake Katefly)

2008 chestnut sabino gelding

“X” is one very nice colt. He has plenty of bone yet shows a great deal of refinement. X is one chromed out boy and his two super high stockings accent his great movement. Add in a front full sock and one with a touch of white and he is a super showy boy.

A huge congratulations goes out to Virginia Halfpenny on the purchase of X, who will be joining Ginny and her Morgan mare, Noble Playgirl at her farm in Berlin, MA. Ginny and her mare currently compete in driving along the East coast, and Ginny's plans are to teach X to ride and drive and join her mare in pairs driving. Keep an eye out for X - you may just see him competing at the GMHA.

MtnTop M-One Garand

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x WAR LE Fire Bird)

2014 100% Foundation black colt - pictured at 2 months old

For Garands’  extended pedigree click here

Our last foal for 2014, black 100% Foundation colt MtnTop M-One Garand (MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x WAR Le Fire Bird)!!! Born March 13 at 7:15 PM This is the 4th time I have done this cross and I tell you it keeps getting better and better.  I LOVE it!!!

Garand was named by his new owners club member Pam McDermott and family of Dawn Wind Morgans of OR and I LOVE the name and it REALLY fits this boy. Congratulations Pam and Family!!!

The M1 Garand much like the Foundation Morgan had no equal in this nations history and it outclassed all of its adversaries.  Like the Morgan It performed with distinction, accuracy, reliability, sturdiness, ruggedness and was trustworthy.

The M1 Garand changed the  history of warfare just like the Morgan changed the History of America :D

Again Congrats Pam you got a great one here.  He has just the right amount of personality and charm the girls will love him.

Gar-Don Lady Glimmer

(Glick's Sir Lancelot X H-Vee Hawk's Twilight)

2003 black mare

Congratulations to Carol Metayer of Vermont. Imme has joined Carol's band of Morgans where she will be used for competitive trail and endurance. You might even see her out on the Morgan Mile!  Carol purchased Imme in foal and has a beautiful black mare by Mtntop Whippoorwill Tanek


(Whippoorwill Newmoon x Juzannella)

2005 chestnut mare, 100% Foundation

Well the first time I saw Leah listed for sale there was just something about her that called to me.  After a bit of working things out I figured out a way to get this beautiful girl home here at MtnTop Morgans.  Now it is time for me to share this lovely mare with another quality breeder.  Congratulations Ellen Quertermous of Grapevine Morgans in IL on the purchase of Leah.  She will cross SO well with your boys.

Her incredible bloodlines are fantastic.  With a sire like Whippoorwill Newmoon who was Grand National Open Reining Championships in 1994 and 1996, and who has won many championships in reining on the West coast in classes open to all breeds and dominated by Quarter Horses. Newmoon has also been schooled in dressage and is an excellent driving horse.

Leah is the sweetest of mares and gets along with everyone and is willing to share feed and hay with anyone that asks.  This is the type of disposition that I love in these Morgans and I know she will pass that onto her foals.

Our first foal of the year is a spectacular filly that sold in utero.  Congrats to Anja O on this wonderful special girl.  She is brave and trusting and OH so smart.  I have been able to do training on her that I have not asked of other foals her age.  

UPDATE: Pleasure is here to start her saddle training you can view her videos on my Training page.

You can view Pleasures extended pedigree here.

MtnTop My Pleasure - SOLD

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x Tan War Bird)

2015 bay filly, 99.9% Foundation

MtnTop John Henry - SOLD

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x WAR LE Fire Bird)

2015 black colt, 100% Foundation

John Henry is a BIG boy!!!  This is the 5th time I have done this cross and each time I love it more and more.  John Henry is quiet and a thinker.  He is very willing to do whatever I have asked of him so far and isn’t bothered by it at all.  He will certainly be a sport horse extraordinaire. If you are looking for an athletic easy going type of guy this is it.

A HUGE congratulations to Tammy Fredrickson of CA on her purchase of John Henry.  You will certainly have a best friend in John Henry.

You can view John Henrys’ extended pedigree here.

MtnTop Absolute Dream - SOLD

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x

Graces ShesAllThat Willow)

2015 Homozygous for black filly,

99.7% Foundation

I was so excited about this foal being born and she sure didn’t disappoint me!!!  She is bold and forward and has the prettiest legs and hind end.  Abbie is all ready a wonderful mover and is LOADS of fun to watch.  Abbie sold very quickly to Rebecca DeRose of NC and I am just as thrilled with her going to Rebeccas.  I can just see this pair doing whatever they want in the future.  Congrats!!!

You can view Abbies extended pedigree here.

MtnTop Dark of the Moon - SOLD

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x Whippoorwill Alyia)

2015 Bay colt, 100% Foundation

I just knew this cross would be fabulous and it sure is.  Leah held onto this foal until day 356 but well worth the wait.  Moon is SO friendly and in your pocket.  He is active yet easy going with things that are asked of him.

Moon was snapped up by Barbara S of southern MI within 24 hours of being born and boy oh boy will those two have lots of fun together.

You can view Moons extended pedigree here.

MtnTop Never Say Never

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x Universal Selection)

2015 buckskin gelding, 100% Foundation

I was very excited about this cross and it certainly didn’t disappoint me at all.  James or Bond is his barn name and well it suits him just fine.  He is BOLD and willing and runs to meet you.  A bit of a fearless type as well.  I am thrilled with the home that James has.  He will train to drive and be part of a Morgan Buckskin pairs.  Can’t wait to see that.  Congrats to J.T. Of Kentucky you have one fantastic boy!

You can view James extended pedigree here.



(Universal Gold Card X Spring Lake Katefly)

2013 smokey black  gelding (EecrCR) 100% Foundation, pictured on his 4th ride

This is the last offspring for both the sire and the dam and while I really wanted to hang onto him I do have his maternal half brother, MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek, as my main stallion.  

Sir G has some OLD blood up close as he traces back to "Figure" over 11 times in 12 generations. He goes back to Jubilee King through all of his grandparents with a nice touch of Lippitt and Flyhawk.  He has an AMAZING 10 crosses to Squire Burger all within the 5th through 8th generation.   He has that added bonus of the lovely Californio and Ulendon right there in the 4th generation as well as the touch of Blackwood Correll lines. Talk about old blood.  Every line of this guy is rich, rich, rich in old blood and very up close in his pedigree. Sir G comes from a long line of versatile Morgans with Champions in Reining, Driving, Dressage, Western pleasure, Hunter, Park and Endurance. He can most assuredly help produce versatile Morgan Champions in the future as well as loveable wonderful family horses.   

A BIG congratulations to Barbara K. of VA on the purchase of Sir G.  Barbara knows these bloodlines VERY well and I am super excited for her and Sir G for their future together.

MtnTop Miss Amelia

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x Universal Selection)

2016 smoky black filly, 100% Foundation

Not to be left behind Universal Selection foaled a beautiful smoky black filly by Mtntop Whippoorwill Tanek, two days after Tan War Bird foaled.

I am incredibly excited to announce that Mtntop Miss Amelia (MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x Universal Selection) 100% foundation smoky black filly has been SOLD!

Please help me congratulate Cassie Thomas of Arcane Manna Morgans. Cassie and I have chatted numerous times over the past years about foals and actually had a BIG conversation about this foal prior to her birth. I just knew this would be an excellent match and I am very happy and excited for their future together.

Congratulations again!

MtnTop FlyWithMeJosephine

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x Tan War Bird)

2014 bay mare, (Eeaa) 99.9% Foundation

Currently 15 hands will mature to 15.1 or 15.2 easily

Josephine has been WELL handled since birth and below are many of her videos from birth through September 2016.  She is brave and VERY willing and eager to learn.  Incredibly friendly yet has no issues being out and about on her own.  She is self secure that way.

Josephine has been off property to an extreme obstacle course where she was calm and quiet and stood quietly eating hay the first time tied to the trailer.  This obstacle course showed how her mind works and her willingness and trust in people.

UPDATE 9-19-2016 - SOLD We are super excite to announce the sale of Josephine to Angela P. and family. Josephine will come with 4 months of professional saddle training done here at MtnTop Morgans which is exciting for me as I LOVE starting my babies.  Oh and Angela also has another MtnTop baby.  They are like potato chips you can’t have just one!

MtnTop Be Still My Heart - SOLD

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x MtnTop Easter Lily)

2017 smoky black filly, 100% foundation (pictured at 2 months old)

This is the first foal for Lily and I could not be happier with this cross.  I knew it would be special.  I was excited to see the lovely chrome markings she has from that heart shaped star (hence her name) to that loud sock behind.  She is all ready showing signs of being easy to work with and trying to be a people horse when new mom, Lily, allows LOL

Mya was purchased in utero by Angela Pollard of MI and I know she is thrilled to have her.  

MtnTop Sweet Anticaption

(MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek x Tan War Bird)

2017 smoky black filly, (Eeaa) 99.9% Foundation

This is a cross that NEVER disappoints anyone that sees them.  You can see her full siblings listed below.  Sweetie is just what her name implies she is SWEET!!!  And Congratulation to Dana Bell Crossland of Canada who has always dreamed of owing a MtnTop foal (so Sweeties name is VERY appropriate).  The 2018 full sibling has also SOLD in utero!!

Kristal Homoki
15126 US 12
Brooklyn, MI  49230


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