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The handling of our foals and horses here at MtnTop Morgans is one we take very seriously. The care and training of our foals starts at the moment of their birth. Lessons learned at this age can last a lifetime. Match that training with the genetic predisposition of a Morgan and the end result is an outstanding adult horse that not only loves people but is a willing partner.  You can see lots of different foaling handling videos of my babies on my Training page scroll down to the foal videos.

All our foals are handled daily and learn to stand tied, lead, be clipped, vacuumed, have their feet trimmed, etc. all in a very relaxed frame of mind. If a horse comes here as an untrained horse they will get all the required handling to become a respectful quiet horse before being started under saddle. This is important for the horse/human relationship.

All my babies are dewormed monthly and get monthly hoof trimming. They come with AMHA registration, transfer of ownership to AMHA, and all the normal foal training that my babies get. Our training page has links to many of our YouTube videos that show how we handle our horses, from foalhood through under saddle work. We invite you to check them out! I am also adding for anyone that buys one of my  foals they will receive a future discount if the foal comes back to me for training under saddle! And I am also adding that if folks would like the foals to stay past their weaning dates for some extra foal training (will go as long as through the yearling year) I will offer that at half my training rate.  

Since our Stallion, MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek, will no longer be standing to the public if you are interested in having a foal by him you will have to purchase one from us.  I have several mares that can be bred to him just let me know which cross you are interested in.


All the 2018 foals have SOLD in utero.  This is the third breeding season in a row that ALL our foals have SOLD in utero.  If you want to be on the list for 2019 foals please contact me.

The following has mare has been bred and confirmed in foal to MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek

Tan War Bird - Sadly we lost both Birdie and the wonderful much anticated foal she was carrying on November 12, 2017

The following mares have been bred and confirmed in foal to Spring Lake Thistle both foals have already SOLD :

Universal Selection - We made some changes to which mares will get bred to whom and decided to bred Faith to Thistle for a guaranteed palomino foal. Faith has always passed on the over eager to please trainability to her foals and this is a trait Thistle passes along as well.  They will do anything you ask and are very versatile.  I have retained two foals from this mare just further proof that I love her foals. You can find those half sisters on my mare page, MtnTop Goodness Gracious and MtnTop Easter Lily  100% foundation bred foal. Congratulations to J.K. Of MI on the in utero purchase of this 2018 palomino foal.

Easter Lily - This will be a fun and exciting foal that has all ready been sold in utero.  Congratulations goes to Amy M. Of MI who will get the horse of her dreams all wrapped up in a palomino Morgan wrapper.  I truly expect this foal to have one of the prettiest heads you will ever find along with having the very friendly personality that both of its parents have.  100% foundation foal

Well I rarely pick up project horses as I stay busy enough with training horses and foals each year.  But on November 12th we laid Birdie (Tan War Bird) to rest and also lost the wonderful foal she was carrying (which had been sold in utero).  Well as things happen I was feeding one morning asking God  "ok now what, I have lost one of my best broodmares and the wonderful foals she has,  what am I going to do to make up for at least the financial part of that loss?" (Nothing really can make up for the loss of Birdie).  So God sent me the answer.  A friend called me that morning and asked if I knew of anyone that would be interested in a Friesian Sport horse because she knows a girl that needed to get rid of one.  I said well "me!!"  So I went and looked at her and brought her home.

This is Tia WVF's Frizanttia (Frisco P. who is a 1st Premium and a KFPS Friesian stallion x A Worthy Top Lady, ASB) She is Registered with the Friesian Blood Horse registry (50% Friesian x 50% American Saddlebred).  She has also all ready been to one inspection with the FBHR (who also inspects the FSH, Friesian Sport Horse) where she scored an amazing 8.51 (85.1%) She can be registered with several other registries as well.  I plan on also registering her with the Friesian Heritage Horse and Sporthorse International Registry (lots in this neck of the woods) but she would qualify for others like Friesian Sporthorse and Georgian Grande.

Tia is SO sweet and SO smart.  She is such a fantastic mover and she moves SO light.  What I mean by that is usually you know when you see a Friesian trotting or cantering you can hear that noise as well as it rocks the very earth under our feet.  She is soft and light and barely makes a noise.  I have started working with her and BOY am I impressed she reminds me of my Morgans.  EASY to train and work with and soaks up all the training and retains it!

Usually all the project horses that I pick up sell before I even get them started which is a blessing. So if you are interested in Tia now is the time to act.  Tia's price will change as her training progresses, and she is reevaluated throughout the training process.  Her price will include my professional ground training, obstacle training and standard saddle training through April 2018. Payment plans are available. If you get in while she is still in training, you can get a really great deal.  For those that don't know how I start or train horses there are over 100 videos on my website under the Training page.  

This is  your chance to get a top quality young horse, started right, just in time for next year's show season. Serious inquiries only Please.

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WVF’s Frizanttia aka Tia

(Frisco P. X A Worthy Top Lady) 2012 Friesian Sport Horse

Registered currently with FBHR

Kristal Homoki
15126 US 12
Brooklyn, MI  49230


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