(Yankees Anhingo x Yankees Pleasure)

1999 black mare, 100% Foundation (Ee aa) pictured above at 15 years old

Katie is a 100% Foundation mare and is the product of my mother's main stallion and mare at the time (Yankee’s Anhingo and Yankee’s Pleasure). Katie moves with the grace and elegance of a royal queen. She has soft large eyes and the brains behind it that make her a Morgan. No wonder as she traces back to “Figure”, also known as Justin Morgan, 20 times in 11 generations, 143 times in the 12th generation and 335 times in the 13th generation!!!  Talk about OLD blood and UP close! She is trained under saddle in Western, Dressage and Hunter and has consistently won ribbons in every class she has entered in- breed shows as well as open competition. As a 3 year old she was High Point Champion at the 2002 Spring Fling in New Jersey. Katie is the kind of mare that excels at any task. She lovers a nice trail ride goes on many overnight excursions. Add to all this the fact that she has had 5 foals it is a telling tale of how wonderful versatile this Morgan blood is.  I was very happy when she blessed me with my young stallion MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek, so much that I decided to keep him and make him my foundation stallion.  You can see  check Tanek out on my Stallions page.   

Whew what a blast I had the weekend of August 27 and 28, 2011. I had the extreme privilege of participating in the Equistride Dressage clinic with some of the most incredible trainers. Eight riders all had one on one lessons with such greats as Mette Rosencrantz. One of her most recent accomplishments was on Basquewille winning the Grand Prix Invitational at the World Cup in 2007. Talk about me being just a bit intimidated LOL. Add to the fact that the other 7 riders ranged from 2nd Level dressage and UP!! And then there was just me on my best mare who had the past 3 years off to have babies and completely trained by me AND while I have ridden many, many different disciplines ranging from Western, hunt, jumping to Saddle seat etc. I had NEVER had a dressage lesson in my life. So when Mette at one point in the video tells me not to be so happy when she gives me a compliment I just didn't have the heart to tell her "What are you kidding of course I am ECSTATIC!!!!" I do think I might see some dressage in my future.

I am so very proud of my homegrown, home trained girl.  The long weekend of July 27 - 29, 2012 we went to a double show the Mid West Dressage Summer Classic I and II.  So two shows in one weekend.  This was Katies and my very first dressage show.  We showed in Training Level Test 2 and Test Three (Test three the first show only) Novice Horse and Novice Rider.  Our scores were fantastic  all in the 60s with the end of the weekend been the very best as we scored 69.286% in Training Level Test 2 Novice Horse under what everyone says was the toughest judge all weekend.  To add to the fun by the end of the weekend Katie and I received Reserve Grand Champion high % in Training Level for both Novice Horse and Novice Rider.  Photo credit 2012 dressage pictures Wendy Peterson.

The videos below are the very first tests we did that weekend with the second video being our first BLUE ribbon in Dressage!

Well we have some wonderful breeding plans in 2018 so Katie is getting a major tune up to be my riding/whowing horse for a couple of years.  Stay tuned !!

August 2011 first dressage lesson, with Mette Rosencrantz

To see more of the dressage lesson with Mette, August 2011, click here.

The Mares of MtnTop Morgans

August 2011 first dressage lesson, with Mette Rosencrantz

To see more of the dressage lesson with Mette, August 2011, click here.

You can view Katie's complete pedigree here.

It includes pictures of many of her ancestors.

More photos of Katie
(click on a thumbnail to enlarge)



(Universal Trigger x Universal Terrific Cross)

2006 cremello mare, 100% Foundation  (ee Aa Cr/Cr)

“Faith”, by Universal Trigger and out of Universal Terrific Cross, is the mare I spent 3 years looking for. One, she had to be 100% Foundation; two, she had to be a double cream dilute; and three, she had to carry at least ONE agouti gene. Faith not only met all these requirements but she has fabulous bloodlines to boot. Dusty Joe, Californio, Triple S and Whippoorwill lines... what a combination! Faith has given us 3 Fantastic foals.  What a producer she is.  I have retained two of her foals for our future breeding program and to ride and love on. See them below, MtnTop Goodness Gracious and MtnTop Easter Lily.

This young lady is a dream come true for us here at MtnTop Morgans. And what a sweetheart she is! She is the first to come see you at the gate and plays very well with our weanlings. She is very sturdy and correct, with great bone and a super lovely head. She moves with such elegance and grace. She is a very fast learner and has taken to her saddle training with all the heart I would expect of this bloodline.  She is a natural at trail riding and enjoys being out.  

In May of 2013 I was very excited to take Faith to a John Lassetter Dressage clinic for three days.  Below are a shortened version of each day there.  About 8 minutes long each :) You can see so much changes and improvement by the third day.  And in the end John had us leg yielding and half passing at the trot.  Doing counter canters etc.  I REALLY loved how well John instructs he explains each and every time just what he wants you to do even if you have done the exercise before.  Wonderful teacher!!!! Thank you John so much.

Faith is very versatile.  I can take her anywhere and ask her to do anything and she does it.  Showing Western, Dressage, trail riding AND being a fantastic mother.  She passes this on to all her foals.   All her foals are not only very conformationally correct but they all are eager to learn.  LOVE to learn and please and have the ability to do whatever discipline we ask of them.

I am SUPER happy  too announce that Faith has checked in foal to Spring Lake Thistle for a late February 2018 delivery. Congratulations to J.K. Of MI on the in utero purchase of this 2018 palomino foal.


(Baptiste Blue Hawaii x Universal Selection)

2012 cremello filly, 100% Foundation, (ee Aa CrCr) pictured at 4 years old

I knew from the moment I bred this sweet little girls parents that no matter what sex it was, it would be a keeper.  Well I am over the top excited that it came out a she!!!  And a beautiful very feminine she she is as well. Born just under the wire at 11:30 pm on Easter Sunday her name could not better suit her.   Lily has become such a very bold and personal filly.  She loves people and is trying her best to play with the other new babies.  Her color test came back with one Agouti so that has made me even happier with her.  I will promise to change out her profile picture as she grows.  First video below is Lily at 7 months old doing her ground work and the second video is Lily at 3 weeks old doing her ground work for what is expected of her for that age.

I am SUPER excited too announce that Lily has checked in foal to Spring Lake Thistle for a mid March 2018 delivery.  Congratulations goes to Amy M. Of MI who will get the horse of her dreams all wrapped up in a palomino Morgan wrapper.

You can view Lily's complete pedigree here.

It includes pictures of many of her ancestors

More photos of Lily

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(Spring Lake Pallidin x Universal Selection)

2011 buckskin filly, 100% Foundation, (Ee Aa Crcr) pictured at 4 years old

Well her name really says it all. Goodness Gracious is right. We call her Grace and she is that as well. Talk about perfection- from the get go this girl has it all. Fantastic laid back shoulder, nice short back, and a hip to die for. Add in that she is a buckskin and that is just the icing on this very yummy cake. Grace is brave and bold and has no worries. She is the most photogenic foal I have ever had and I swear there isn't a bad picture of her anywhere. She has helped me clean the stalls and add in shavings and the plastic bag is just another thing to her. This is the attitude I love in a foal and can only imagine how wonderful she will be to train in the future. EASY I would think. Hope, Grace's 2010 half sister out of the same dam, was a thinker and very smart and I am seeing the same traits here. There is a video of Hope on my training page to see how her foal training went. We decided that we just could not let this girl leave the farm. She has wiggled her way into our hearts and is just a love. I am excited that she will be staying, as this is just another great way of pulling my mother's herd into my herd.

Grace is growing into all that I could wish for in a horse.  She excells in her riding training.  Loves to trail ride.  I am pleased with how she handles all her lateral work etc.  2015 I hope to be an exciting year for Grace.  We plan on starting Western Dressage and along with just fun trail rides plans are to do some of the Competitive Obstacle trail rides as well.

Just below is a video of Graces 10th ride in May 2014 she certainly lives up to her name also as a long yearling video of Grace doing her ground work.  What a keeper she is!!!

Second video of Grace at 8 weeks before we decided to keep her and you can view 2 other videos of Grace here at 2 weeks old and here with all the other 2011 foals of MtnTop Morgans.

2016 has been a fantastic year with Grace.  She went on several over night trail rides.  Did a great job at a Police clinic where she learned trust and even walked over fire for me. Than we went to 4 Western Dressage shows and showed in Intro and Basic classes (Training level for you classical dressage folks).  Our scores ranged from a 65% to a 75 % and we ended the year with Two All around Western Dressage Grand Champions and one Western Dressage Intro Grand Champion. We also received a Reserve Grand Champion year end award in Intro from the Woodbine series of shows. AND we also brought home the Grand Champion Year End award in BOTH Western Dressage Intro and Basic level with the Great Lakes Dressage club.  So very proud of my Grace girl. And a special thanks to my good friend Dawn Wagstaff for coming to my shows and being a fantastic reader and groom.  I could not have done all this without her.

You can view Grace's complete pedigree here.

It includes pictures of many of her ancestors.

More photos of Grace

(click on a thumbnail to enlarge)

You can view Faith's complete pedigree here.

It includes pictures of many of her ancestors.

More photos of Faith

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Yankee's Anhingo/chnt

The Yankee/chnt

Whippoorwill Duke/chnt

Jenny Lake/chnt

Lippitt Dulcie/bay

Lippitt Sam/chnt

Lippitt Dusky Kate/bay

The Yankee/chnt

Whippoorwill Duke/chnt

Jenny Lake/chnt

Cascade's Udonnafly/brown


Yankee's Pleasure/bay


Baptiste Blue Hawaii

Pal-A-Mors Golden Sun

Glori Del Sir John

Correls Mae

Kodiak Gold Model Walker


Voyagerett Daisy

Universal Selection

Universal Trigger

Dusty Joe

Triple S Silver Butie

Universal Terrific Cross

Gold Cross Sun Catcher

Miss Teriffic

Spring Lake Pallidin

Spring Lake Peter D

The Yankee

Firepride Trill B

Dulcie Lenda

Yankee's Anhingo

Yankee's Pleasure

Universal Selection

Universal Trigger

Dusty Joe

Triple S Silver Butie

Universal Terrific Cross

Gold Cross Sun Catcher

Miss Terrific

Universal Trigger

Dusty Joe

Flaming Jubilee

Sneakers Image

Triple S Silver Butie

Triple S Silver Fox

Triple S Summer Breeze

Universal Terrific Cross

Gold Cross Sun Catcher

Whippoorwill Arges

Tia Marietta

Miss Terrific

Blanco Oran

Sue's Ruby

July 19, 2015: Graces’ VERY first show.  She showed Western Dressage Intro Test 2 and scored a 61.25% and Intro Test 3 and scored a 60%.  All this after a horrible trailer accident on the way to the show where she ended up with stitches in her left elbow.  All and all I was very proud of her.

Below eight pictures are from May 2016


(Unconventional X Coulee Bend Nirvana)

2016 palomino filly carrying the silver dapple gene, (eeAA CrcrNZ) 99.70% foundation

Photo credit Cindy Dietz

You can view Annies’ complete pedigree here.

It includes pictures of many of her ancestors.

More photos of Annie
(click on a thumbnail to enlarge)


I am still pinching myself over what I have done.  While reaching out to Rainbow members to remind them to send in foal pictures for the club newsletter I came across this incredibly beautiful young mare that just screamed out at me.  I am NOT the type to buy foals and have not purchased one in over 9 years but the last one I did buy has become one of my best producers (I have kept two of her foals) and is a great riding mare.  So I am hoping that my gut on Annie here is just as great as when I bought Faith.

Not only is she a beautiful color and put together like a brick house but in the future when I cross her with Tanek there will be a 50% chance that she will pass along her silver dapple gene that she got from her sire, Unconventional, and since Annie is homozygous for the agouti gene she can produce a silver dapple just like her sire.  

I have crossed into these bloodlines before crossings Taneks’ dame, Spring Lake Katefly, twice with Annies grandsire and most of my mares have VERY similar lines as Annies dam with the Triple S blood. Annie has fantastic crosses to Red Correl as well as Ulendon and many other greats.  I am super excited for her future here at MtnTop Morgans and I can’t thank Cindy and Lyle Dietz of Coulee Bend Morgans for helping make this incredible purchase.

The video below was just one of the reason why I could not resist this young filly.  Video at 3 months old courtesy of The Dietzs.


(Bay silver dapple)

Gone Gold

Adiel's Casino Gold

Kennebec Topaz

Foxton Frosty Dawn

Foxton Society Beau

Foxton Smokey Dawn

Coule Bend Nirvana


Gold Correll Chinook FD

Triple S Chinook

Singing Winds Bicentenial

Dody Little Bell

Red Rose Gold Eddie

Lonedove Rosei Bell SRD

Unconventional - referenced sire - photo credit Cindy Dietz


(MtnTop Sir Gallant Knight X Tan War Bird)

2016 smoky black filly, (Eeaa Crcr) 99.95% foundation, pictured at 20 months

MtnTop Sir Gallant Knight

(Smoky black)

Universal Gold Card         (buckskin)

Gold Cross Suncatcher

Whippoorwill Memento

Spring Lake Katefly/black

Yankees Anhingo/chnt

Yankees Pleasure/bay

Tan War Bird


Myrrhwood Marcello/palo

GoldenAcresGold Digger/palo

HRH Marionette/chnt

WAR Le Fire Bird/black

Rimlo Black Talent/black

W A R Le Bird/black

I am super excited about this filly.  When I made the decision to geld and sell her sire I hoped and prayed that the resulting breeding to Brooklyns dam would be a filly.  And here she is!!!  Everything I could wish for a filly and black!!!  I feel like I won the lottery.

Brooklyns dam is one of my best produces and I have always wanted to keep one of her foals but I knew I needed one that in the future I could bred to my stallion, MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek.  Well I got the best of all the worlds with her.  

Stayed tuned and watch her grew with us.

You can view Brooklyns complete pedigree here.

It includes pictures of many of her ancestors.

More photos of Brooklyn
(click on a thumbnail to enlarge)



(Spring Lake Thistle x Whippoorwill Calisto)

2016 chestnut filly,  100% foundation, eeaa

Well folks when we went to my moms farm, Spring Lake Farm, to pick up Spring Lake Thistle (go to our Stallions page) we brought along one of his daughters out of the GREAT Whippoorwill lines.   If you are a pedigree person hers will make you drool with an outstanding peidgree rich in some of the best lines in the Morgan bred just check out Baby’s pedigree.  UP close in her third generation you will find the wonderful Californio and fantastic Blackwood Correll plus a double Whippoorwill Duke in the 4th generation.  Through her sire also brings in Whippoorwill Duke in the 4th generation as well as Lippitt Sam.  She also has the great Trophy in her 4th, 5th and 7th generation.  Not only does she have the bloodlines she has the Morgan look and temperament. And just LOOK at that head her sire sure passes on a beautiful head.

This young mare is VERY laid back and easy going and will make a fantastic asset to my breeding program.  Just imagine her bred to MtnTop Whippoorwill Tanek!!!

It is tough getting free moving pictures of Baby as she is an in your pocket type of girl or being the lowest in the herd pecking order she is hidden behind others when they are out kicking up their heels.

Spring Lake


Spring Lake Anhingo

The Yankee

Lippitt Dulcie

Southbrook Trophys Summer

DSF Trophy Medallion

Jades Belle Star

Whippoorwill Calisto

Whippoorwill Newmoon

Blackwood Correll

Whippoorwill Kathleen

Whippoorwill Salus


Whippoorwill Pazazz

You can view Babys complete pedigree here.

It includes pictures of many of her ancestors.

More photos of Baby

(click on a thumbnail to enlarge)

Yearling pictures spring 2017

May 2017 yearling year

The following 9 pictures were taken at 20 months

Kristal Homoki
15126 US 12
Brooklyn, MI  49230


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