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Above pictures were taken February 2012 - Tanek just turned 7

Below  pictures range from 2 months to 4 years years old


(Whippoorwill Talisman X Spring Lake Katefly)

2005 black stallion (EE aa), 100% Foundation

This boy is the horse of my dreams and one of my Heart horses here at MtnTop Morgans. I was very blessed and grateful that Mary Jean Vasiloff of McCulloch Farms leased her wonderful stallion Whippoorwill Talisman to my mother and I. Breeding "Tali" to my favorite mare "Katie" produced this incredible 100% Foundation stallion. There is never any doubt that Tanek is a Morgan. And I knew this when he was less than three days old. So much so that I gelded and sold the stallion I had on my farm and I haven't been disappointed yet. Tanek has correct conformation, a wonderful head and his movement is elegant, efficient and exciting to watch. He has passed on his elegance to his foals and they are just as fantastic to watch as he is. He will add a great hip, short back and a fantastic shoulder to his offspring. Tanek has the most natural knee action and correct hock movement I have seen in a long time; never once has anything artificial been added to enhance his movements. Throw in a beautiful head and his foals scream Morgan.

Tanek traces back to "Figure" over 20 times in 12 generations, 188 times in the 13th generation and FAR more than double that number in the 14th. I didn’t count any further back than that. He goes back to Jubilee King through all of his grandparents with a nice touch of Lippitt and Flyhawk. And he traces to Winterset through Blackwood Correll. Every line of this guy is rich in old blood and very up close in his pedigree. Tanek comes from a long line of versatile Morgans with Champions in Reining, Driving, Dressage, Western pleasure, Hunter, Park and Endurance. He can most assuredly help produce versatile Morgan Champions in the future as well as loveable wonderful family horses.

I was very excited at his birth knowing I could pass along such wonderful quality Morgans in the future. The added surprise was when I had Tanek color tested and low and behold he came back E/E a/a. This means he is homozygous for black and can only produce black based foals- he will NEVER produce a chestnut foal.

Currently Tanek is not standing to the public. All the 2018 foals have SOLD in utero.  Thank you everyone so much.

Video slideshow below done July 2015

Below video slideshow done February 2012                                Below video done May 2013


You can view Tanek's complete pedigree here.

It includes pictures of many of his ancestors.

More photos of Tanek
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Above pictures taken May 2013

Below pictures taken April 20, 2014

Whippoorwill Talisman

Whippoorwill Newmoon

Blackwood Correll

Whippoorwill Kathleen

Whippoorwill Locket

Whippoorwill Duke

Whippoorwill Starling

Spring Lake Katefly

Yankee's Anhingo

The Yankee

Lippitt Dulcie

Yankee's Pleasure

The Yankee

Cascade's Udonnafly


(Yankee's Anhingo X Southbrook Trophy's Summer)

2004 chestnut stallion, eeaa 100% Foundation

I am VERY pleased and SUPER excited to announce a new (sort of) stallion to our farm here at MtnTop Morgans. Spring Lake Thistle (Yankees Anhingo x Southbrook Trophys Summer) Thistle is a wonderful testament to my mother's breeding program and again I am SO thrilled that he will be here to help continue those lines. Thistle is proof of a long time breeding program that works. Rich in Jubilee King blood through both his sire and dam. Bring in multiple crosses to the great Trophy in the 3rd, 4th and 6th generation and toss in some Lippitt and Flyhawk and you cannot go wrong with him.

Thistle is built like the statue of Figure. And it is no wonder about that as he has many up close crosses to Figure “Justin Morgan” with 9 crosses in the 11th generation, 95 in the 12th generation and 141 crosses in the 13th generation.  Super hip and short back with an incredible shoulder. Put in a beautiful head with a wonderful eye and you would know he was a Morgan both coming and going. Thistle is a thinker and a lover. One of the sweetest easiest going stallions I have met to date.  

He has been trained to ride by me, Kristal Homoki, and children from all ages of 3 to 78 years old can and have ridden him.  Give this guy a puzzle and he will solve it; Rubik's cube should be no problem for him. His movement is elegant and he has a super temperament. Ask him to do something and he just does it. Top that all off with a showman attitude and he is a load of fun to be around and ride and train. Thistle is one that will go stand on his mounting block just to get your attention. He is also wonderful at retaining all his training after having a couple years off from riding my daughter was able to  hopped right back on and off.  Thistle was picking up his leads going as smooth as silk.  

Funny thing last time he came up for training it was snowing and when they got here this morning it was snowing.

Thistle is currently not standing to outside mares.

We have bred two mares to Thistle for 2018, Universal Selection and MtnTop Easter Lily both have checked in foal and both foals have all ready SOLD in utero.

Yankee's Anhingo

The Yankee

Whippoorwill Duke

Jenny Lake

Lippitt Dulcie

Lippitt Sam

Lippitt Dusky Kate

Southbrook Trophy's Summer

DSF Trophy Medallion


Dee-Cee Mistress

Jade's Belle Star

Trophy's Jade

Citation's Velvet

You can view Thistle’s complete pedigree here.

It includes pictures of many of his ancestors.

15 pictures below taken 12-31-2017

Kristal Homoki
15126 US 12
Brooklyn, MI  49230


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